Open Innovation Drug Discovery

In Silico Evaluation

When compounds are submitted for in silico evaluation, the OIDD platform creates a molecular descriptor profile and similarity profile of the compound structure and generates feedback on whether the structure satisfies OIDD requirements for acceptance.

The ultimate goal of in silico evaluation is to maximize the chances of success for both Lilly and our participating investigators. During this process, we preserve the confidentiality of the submitted structures by analyzing their descriptor profiles.

The OIDD in silico evaluation profile approach is subject to change, consistent with the scientific evolution of the program.


Investigators may download the OIDD in silico report through their personal OIDD accounts. The report includes a complete set of the molecular descriptors and calculated measures of drug-like characteristics.

If the compound is eligible, it may be submitted to be accepted by Lilly for biological evaluation. Lilly will provide information on sample shipping logistics.