Open Innovation Drug Discovery

OIDD Screening


The Open Innovation Drug Discovery Screening program offering enables scientists to submit compounds for experimental evaluation in Lilly's proprietary biological assays. Results from the assays inform next steps towards further collaborative work.

Currently, participants may submit the following chemical modalities for biological evaluation:

  • Small molecules
  • Natural products
  • Fragment-like molecules
  • Small peptides

How the Screening Program Works

The OIDD screening process starts once an investigator submits compound structures to Lilly through the OIDD platform. An automated in silico analysis determines whether the compounds are eligible for biological evaluation. If that is the case, the OIDD Program provides vials and shipping as an in-kind service to participants. The entire process is run in a structure-blinded fashion, where only the results of the in silico analysis, and not the actual chemical structures, become available to Lilly.

Once Lilly receives the physical samples, they are routed for biological evaluation in several different assay modules. All biological results are provided to the investigator through their personal OIDD account. The OIDD team may choose to reach out to investigators to discuss next steps for specific compounds with a desirable profile.