Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Neglected and Tropical Diseases

Governments and global health organizations worldwide are looking for new, sustainable solutions that can expand access to health care in low-income countries, and the pharmaceutical industry has an important role to play. There is a need for greater action—and we believe Lilly can be a key part of the solution. We invite you to become a part of that solution, too.


Participation in OIDD gives you an opportunity to connect with global non-profit agencies that support research in neglected and tropical diseases with which Lilly has standing agreements as part of our corporate responsibility efforts.

Any time you send a compound to be screened by OIDD, we also send it to those non-profit agencies for screening. Should one of your compounds be of interest to one of these agencies, you may choose to engage directly with them, and we will facilitate the interaction. If invited, the decision to work with Lilly or the non-profit agency is yours.

Our current connections to neglected and tropical disease efforts include:

Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation (TCOLF)

The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation (TCOLF) is working with Lilly to screen the OIDD partners┬┤ compound collections against Tuberculosis (TB infected macrophages), Leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. The Open Lab initiative by TCOLF supports research projects into diseases of the developing world by setting a framework for researchers from leading international institutions to access GSK facilities and expertise in TB, malaria, kinetoplastid infections and shigellosis drug discovery. Learn more >

Lilly Tuberculosis Drug Discovery Initiative (Lilly TBDDI)

Lilly has opened access to our drug discovery expertise and scientific resources—such as our proprietary library of 500,000 compounds and innovative chemistry research tools—to be applied to the search for new drugs to fight multidrug- resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). As a member of OIDD, you can also be involved in this effort to fight tuberculosis.

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is working with Lilly to ensure that an unprecedented wealth of compounds from across the world can be screened in a structure-blinded method against malaria. The screening of OIDD compounds will be performed at an MMV screening center of excellence in the US. This collaboration has the potential to deliver new sets of compounds that meet MMV's target candidate profiles and that could play an important part in the fight to eradicate malaria. Learn more >