Open Innovation Drug Discovery


Accessing World-Class Science and Capabilities


Our goal is to discover molecules with the potential to become medicines that improve patients' lives. Your goal is to advance your own scientific work. Through scientist-to-scientist collaboration, we can both achieve our goals.

The Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery (OIDD) program gives you access to the same tools and expertise available to our scientists.

We've expanded our offerings to include the following:

Emerging Biology

Our Emerging Biology offering provides you access to our privileged compound library of chemically diverse compounds - the Lilly Biology Interrogation Compounds (BIC) Cassette.

You share your ideas for novel biological assays and we provide you the chemical matter to interrogate your hypotheses in your laboratory. The biological results generated through the Emerging Biology offering are shared by both parties, and Lilly discloses the structures of potentially interesting compounds from the BIC Cassette. We encourage you to submit your proposal for consideration.


We make available a variety of in silico design tools that give investigators the power to design molecules that have desirable drug-like properties or engage specific biological targets. You are provided access to sophisticated computational workflows in a private, secure environment in the cloud. Your ideas are never submitted to Lilly systems without explicit action on your side.


Lilly continues to invest significant resources into the development of in vitro screening modules within therapeutic areas of long-standing strategic interest. By providing the results from Lilly's proprietary assay modules to external investigators, we're providing in-kind research capabilities for you to evaluate and characterize your compounds. And, you and your institution retain ownership of all generated results.

Animal Health

Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly and Company, offers you the opportunity to evaluate your compound library for efficacy in our proprietary whole organisms screens. The process works the same for both Lilly and Elanco biological screens. Findings may form the basis for collaboration on new therapeutic modes of action or receptor targets in parasitology and could help us identify new scientific breakthroughs.

Compound Acquisition

Our Compound Acquisition program offering identifies compounds from those submitted through OIDD to help us add structural diversity to our existing compound collection. Participants can potentially benefit from their research while also helping Lilly expand the scientific substrate that leads to new drug discovery.


Our Synthesis program offering provides you the opportunity to utilize Lilly's Automated Synthesis Laboratory remotely. You not only get access to this state-of-the-art equipment, but also to a portion of synthesized material and associated in vitro data from screening. All proposed compound structures remain confidential until you select them for submission to Lilly. We encourage you to design and submit a library of compounds.

Neglected and Tropical Diseases

In conjunction with Lilly's Corporate Responsibility efforts, we have standing agreements with global agencies that support non-profit research in the area of neglected and tropical diseases. We can facilitate screening of your compounds by these global agencies. If one of the non-profit agencies identifies your compound as a molecule of interest, you may opt to engage directly with that agency. At all times, the decision to work with Lilly or the non-profit agencies is entirely yours.