Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Emerging Biology


The OIDD Emerging Biology program offers participating investigators access to the Lilly Biology Interrogation Compounds (BIC) Cassette to investigate biology hypotheses and aide in the development of novel biological assays having potential therapeutic relevance.

We provide you the chemical matter to interrogate your novel biological hypotheses, and you share with Lilly the biological results you generate with the BIC Cassette. Based on the data generated, Lilly will disclose the structures of potentially interesting compounds to enable further investigation and publication. Findings may form the basis for collaboration and broader access to additional related compounds from the Lilly collection.

The Lilly BIC Cassette

This is a Lilly-assembled, chemical library designed to facilitate an efficient exploration of emerging biological science. It comprises diverse chemical compounds selected from a subset of the Lilly proprietary compound collection, with unique characteristics that may help identify new breakthroughs in key areas of unmet medical needs.

The Lilly BIC Cassette does not overlap with commercially available libraries but includes a representative sampling of Lilly's proprietary compound collection. Most BIC compounds are accompanied by several analogs in order to provide immediate information about the structure-activity relationship (SAR) and potential biological activity of interest.

The BIC Cassette comes in two different sizes, 20K or 4K compounds pre-plated in 100% DMSO solution at a stock concentration of 10mM ready for screening. Both cassettes can be supplied at volumes tailored to suit screening and assay platforms. Access to this collection of compounds is available to you through the Lilly OIDD program.