Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Security is Our First Priority

We strive at all times to protect your intellectual property. The OIDD platform is specifically designed to maintain the security of your confidential information.

Because you interact with the platform through a personalized, secure account, your information is protected at all times. And, when you use Lilly design tools, your work is done in the cloud and remains independent from the internal Lilly IT system. You maintain control over your designs and you decide if and when to submit them to Lilly for consideration.

Extra Protection of Chemical Structures


Our commitment to protecting your intellectual property continues when you include structures in your OIDD submission. Our platform uses data encryption and a dedicated server in a secure area to ensure that your data remains completely secure throughout the process of evaluation. We preserve the confidentiality of your structure by creating an encoded compound descriptor profile for the in silico evaluation that does not require or allow Lilly scientific personnel to view the submitted structures.

With the exception of a limited number of authorized IT support personnel, Lilly and its vendors do not have access to your molecular structures.