Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical R&D


Research is Our Foundation

In the process of drug discovery, investigators engage in multiple iterations of hypothesis generation and molecular design, followed by organic synthesis and biological evaluation of prepared compounds. Biological results provide feedback that helps refine original hypotheses to optimize toward the desired endpoints.

This cyclical process often generates thousands of compounds and establishes an understanding of the underlying relationships between chemical structure and biological activity.

Scientists who are affiliated with OIDD can create multiple, iterative submissions for evaluation by Lilly, which helps generate the data needed to evolve and develop hypotheses.

OIDD is committed to supporting the science needed to design and identify molecules that are ready for testing in a clinical setting. That's why we equip investigators to pursue the research that makes discovering such molecules possible.

Our History of Discovery

The OIDD Program is one of many examples of Lilly's long-term commitment to finding medical breakthroughs through research—all so we can make life better.

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