Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Partnering with Us

There are several possible opportunities for partnering, each driven by the results generated from your submission. Further collaborative agreements are designed to take your research to the next level. At all times, the decision to move forward is yours.

Because these agreements are crafted around individual biological results, you have input into the agreement process that is right for you.

Regardless of the outcome of any of these partnership opportunities, you preserve the ability to remain engaged with OIDD through your individual user account and are encouraged to continue creating submissions for evaluation.

Short-Term Collaboration Agreement


OIDD collaboration agreements are based on a research plan that is likely focused on the development of a chemical scaffold, and/or expanding biological understanding of a cellular pathway or mechanism. Lilly scientists and external scientists collaborate toward successful completion of the research plan, which may result in publication or further collaboration. Learn more about OIDD Collaborators.

Compound Acquisition and Purchase

Your compound samples may be selected for purchase for non-exclusive use by Lilly scientific teams. This allows your compounds to become a source of chemical diversity for Lilly drug discovery efforts. Learn more >

Automated Synthesis Laboratory Agreement

An Automated Synthesis Laboratory (ASL) Agreement allows a researcher to use Lilly’s ASL to develop synthetic methodologies and refine chemical processes. Access to this capability can help researchers learn more about automated methodologies, which can lead to more advanced research and publishable findings. Learn more >

Licensing Agreement

Lilly may invite you to enter a licensing agreement with terms based on the specific scientific and IP profiles of the molecule(s) under discussion.

Learn more about Lilly partnerships.