Open Innovation Drug Discovery


For Scientists. By Scientists.

The Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program (OIDD) was created for scientists by scientists. We engage external investigators like you in a hypothesis-driven approach to early drug discovery. Your participation in our program gives you the opportunity to contribute to the discovery of novel therapeutics that will improve patients' lives—our ultimate measure of success. By participating, you also benefit by having access to cutting-edge research tools and data that can help you advance your own scientific work.

How Can Participating in OIDD Benefit You?

  • Access to our secure platform, which provides you with cutting-edge scientific capabilities such as computational tools, in vitro biological assays and automated synthetic technologies.
  • Retained ownership of your submissions and the data they yield. Our platform ensures strict confidentiality to protect your intellectual property.
  • On-demand status information and publication-quality data.
  • The ability to move your science forward by engaging in iterative experimentation.
  • Multiple opportunities for your institution to collaborate with Lilly scientists.
  • Access to dedicated Lilly experts who can explain your data results in greater detail.

Throughout the process—from idea generation and submission to evaluation of your hypotheses—you maintain complete control over your intellectual property. The decision to take the next step is always yours.

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