Open Innovation Drug Discovery

How OIDD Works

Access to Science-Driven Programs

Participation in OIDD is open to all investigators at eligible research universities, research institutes and small biotechnology companies. All of OIDD's offerings have the same path to potential collaboration.

Establish a Relationship

Before you can access the OIDD platform, your institution must become affiliated with the program. An authorized representative of your institution must execute the universal Open Innovation Drug Discovery Universal Program Agreement with Lilly. Once Lilly accepts the executed agreement and an institution affiliation is created, individuals within that institution can create authorized user accounts to begin using the OIDD tools. To learn more, visit the Getting Started section of this site.

Connect with OIDD Offerings


Select and use the OIDD offerings of your choice. You can:

The Lilly and Elanco biological screening programs reflect strategic areas of disease focus. Compounds demonstrating activity in a primary assay are run through appropriate secondary assays in order to establish the compound activity profile.

Selection criteria for the compound acquisition program are based solely on assessment of chemical diversity parameters.

In either case, the OIDD team will send you all necessary materials and instructions for shipping physical samples of the compounds to Lilly.

Get Results and Move Science Forward

The OIDD platform returns your biological results, which you can use to further refine your research or publish your findings. Additionally, should your results spark an interest by Lilly scientists, you may be asked to enter into an agreement for further collaboration with a Lilly Discovery team. At all times, you maintain complete control of the decision to move to the next step in the process.

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