Open Innovation Drug Discovery

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Below is a selection of documents, including relevant and/or seminal literature references, related to early drug discovery and other topics of interest to OIDD investigators.

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Lilly’s Long Tradition of Collaborative Approaches

Cancer Drug Inventor Donates $1M for Student/Faculty Research
Hamilton News, 2008

OIDD Supplementary Documents

OIDD: For Scientists. By Scientists
External Slide Deck, May 2018

Open Innovation Drug Discovery in the media
Forbes/Opinion, Mar. 2015

Open Innovation Drug Discovery Brochure

Measuring the effectiveness and impact of an open innovation platform
G. P. Carroll, S. Srivastava, A. S. Volini, M. M. Piñeiro-Núñez, T. Vetman; Drug Discovery Today, 2017, 22(5): 776-785.

Relevant Publications Authored by Lilly Scientists

The Proximal Lilly Collection: Mapping, Exploring and Exploiting Feasible Chemical Space
C. Nicolau, I. Watson, H. Hu, J. Wang, J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2016, 56(7): 1253-1266.

Open Innovation Drug Discovery (OIDD): A Potential Path to Novel Therapeutic Chemical Space
M. Alvim-Gaston, T. Grese, A. Mahoui, A. Palkowitz, M. Piñeiro-Nuñez, I. Watson, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2014, 14(3): 294-303.

Neoclassic drug discovery: the case for lead generation using phenotypic and functional approaches
J. Lee, E. Berg, J. Biomol. Screen., 2013, 18(10): 1143-1155.

Rules for Identifying Potentially Reactive or Promiscuous Compounds
R. Bruns, I. Watson, J. Med. Chem., 2012, 55(22): 9763-9772.

Open Innovation for Phenotypic Drug Discovery: The PD2 Assay Panel
J. Lee, S. Chu, F. Willard; K. Cox, R. Sells Gavin, R. Peery, S. Oliver, J. Oler, T. Meredith, S. Heidler, W. Gough, S. Husain, A. Palkowitz, C. Moxham, J. Biomol Screen., 2011, 16(6): 588-602.

Additional Recommended Reading

Publications Related to Open Innovation

Academic–Pharma drug discovery alliances: seeking ways to eliminate the valley of death
T. Hammonds, Future Med. Chem., 2015, 7(14): 1891-1899.

Collaboration for innovation is the new mantra for the pharmaceutical industry
J. Hunter, Drug Discovery World, 2014.

Models for open innovation in the pharmaceutical industry
A. Schuhmacher, P. Germann, H. Trill, O. Gassmann, Drug Discovery Today, 2013, 18(23-24): 1133-1137.

Publications Related to Medicinal Chemistry

Target Engagement in Lead Generation
T. Durham, M. Blanco, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2014, 25(5): 998–1008.

Chemistry: Chemical con artists foil drug discovery
M. Walters, J. Bael, Nature, 2014, 513(7519): 481-483.

Escape from flatland: increasing saturation as an approach to improving clinical success
F. Lovering, J. Bikker, C. Humblet, J. Med. Chem., 2009, 52(21): 6752-6756.

The influence of drug-like concepts on decision-making in medicinal chemistry
P. Leeson, B. Springthorpe, Nat. Rev. Drug Discov., 2007, 6(11): 881-890.

Publications Related to the Use of Automation in Synthetic Chemistry

A remote-controlled adaptive medchem lab: an innovative approach to enable drug discovery in the 21st Century
A. Godfrey, T. Masquelin, H. Hemmerle, Drug Discovery Today, 2013, 18(17-18):795-802.

Publications Related to Biology

The discovery of first-in-class drugs: origins and evolution
J. Eder, R. Sedrani, C. Wiesmann, Nat. Rev. Drug Discov., 2014, 13(8): 577-587.

Phenotypic screening in cancer drug discovery—past, present and future
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Toward performance-diverse small-molecule libraries for cell-based phenotypic screening using multiplexed high-dimensional profiling
M. Wawer, K. Li, S. Gustafsdottir, V. Ljosa, N. Bodycombe, M. Marton, K. Sokolnicki, M. Bray, M. Kemp, E. Winchester, B. Taylor, G. Grant, C. Hon, J. Duvall, J. Wilson, J. Bittker, V. Dančík, R. Narayan, A. Subramanian, W. Winckler, T. Golub, A. Carpenter, A. Shamji, S. Schreiber, P. Clemons, PNAS, 2014, 111(30): 10911-10916.

The why and how of phenotypic small-molecule screens
U. Eggert, Nat. Chem. Biol., 2013, 9(4): 206-209.

How were new medicines discovered?
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Publications Related to Malaria

Antimalarial drug discovery—the path towards eradication
J. Burrows, E. Burlot, B. Campo, S. Cherbuin, S. Jeanneret, D. Leroy, T. Spangenberg, D. Waterson, T. Wells, P. Willis, Parasitology, 2014, 141(1): 128-139.

Malaria: A race against resistance
A. Maxmen, Nature, 2013, 503(7475): 186-188.

Publications Related to Tuberculosis

Future target-based drug discovery for tuberculosis?
B. Kana, P. Karakousis, T. Parish, T. Dick, Tuberculosis, 2014, 94(6): 551-556.