Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Participant Awards

The pharmaceutical drug discovery process is long and iterative and involves multiple learning cycles. Thus, we are honored that OIDD participants have chosen to partner with Lilly in our quest to advance science and discover the medicines of tomorrow. At the end of each year, we recognize those investigators who have distinguished themselves for outstanding levels of participation in the OIDD program.

Outstanding Contribution to Compound Screening

The winners of this award are OIDD investigators who have uploaded the highest number of structures, submitted those structures to in silico evaluation with passing results and then submitted them for biological screening. Read More >

Outstanding Continuous Contribution to Compound Screening

This award is given to the OIDD investigators who have the highest number of repeat submissions, regardless of the outcome of in silico evaluation. Read More >

OIDD Undergraduate Award

This award is given to undergraduate students and their sponsoring institution investigator for outstanding contributions under the Lilly OIDD Undergraduate Work Study program. Read More >

Outstanding OIDD Collaborator

This award is given to those OIDD investigators who have entered a collaboration agreement with Lilly through the OIDD program. Read More >