Open Innovation Drug Discovery

OIDD In Action


More than 200,000 individual structures have been created in the Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery (OIDD) platform. From those, more than 30,000 compounds have been evaluated for their therapeutic potential, and scientists have used the biological results provided to further their own research and to publish their work.

We see value in bringing minds together and providing you with tools that can help you further your research because that, in turn, furthers science as a whole.

But what we offer doesn't end at an online portal. When you become a participant in Lilly's OIDD Program, you open up a connection with us that remains interactive, dynamic and constantly evolving.

Learn More About What’s New and Changing with OIDD

New Synthesis Capabilities Launched at OIDD
The Lilly OIDD team is now offering participating investigators the opportunity to synthesize compounds remotely in Lilly's Automated Synthesis Laboratory (ASL). The ASL provides synthetic chemists with an opportunity to improve yields, explore novel synthetic approaches, and improve efficiency of synthetic transformations. More news and announcements >

Request a Training Webinar

The OIDD team offers interactive training webinars that are tailored to member needs.

Webinars include live, customized questions and answers on both scientific and administrative topics. We can also help you learn more about publishing your work.

To learn more or request a webinar, please contact the OIDD Support Team at with subject line: Webinar.

Meet the Team

OIDD representatives are frequently in attendance at scientific conferences and meetings. There may be an opportunity for you to meet one-on-one with a representative at one of these events. To schedule a meeting, please email with the subject line: Conference One-on-One.

We Want to Hear from You

If you've had success publishing your work with the biological results you've received from the Open Innovation Drug Discovery program, please let us know. We want to celebrate your success to encourage others. Contact to share your story and give us feedback on any of the tools and processes we offer.