Open Innovation Drug Discovery

What is an Affiliation?

We create an Affiliation within the OIDD platform when Lilly accepts the executed OIDD Program Agreement signed by an Authorized Representative of the interested institution. By creating Affiliations at the institution level, Lilly eliminates the need to establish individual legal agreements for individual projects with each scientist at an institution. Participation in all program offerings is open to authorized users of active Affiliations.


If you are interested in participating in the OIDD Program but your institution is not yet affiliated, please ask the Authorized Representative to contact us. Once the representative has signed the OIDD Program Agreement, all scientists working at your institution are able to create individual user accounts to participate in the OIDD Program Offerings.

For questions about becoming a participant in the OIDD Program, contact the OIDD team.

Managing an Affiliation

The OIDD Program has developed different user roles within the platform, based upon each individual's intended use of the platform functionality. The different roles also help maintain confidentiality at the appropriate level.

The roles in the platform are:

  • Authorized Representative—signs the first portion of the OIDD Program Agreement but does not have an individual user account for the OIDD platform.
  • Affiliation Coordinator—signs the second portion of the OIDD Program Agreement thereby agreeing to be listed on the Registration page of the OIDD website and has the ability to create a view-only user account that displays a summary of activity for the entire Affiliation.
  • Affiliation Submitter—is a key role for the investigator who intends to participate in the individual offerings of the OIDD Program. The Affiliation Submitter is a fully functional user account within the OIDD platform that allows submission management and monitoring, displays biological results and enables communication with the OIDD support team.