Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Program Agreements

The OIDD Program and Material Transfer Agreement (Program Agreement) is a standardized legal document to grant access to all our offerings to Authorized Submitters at affiliated institutions. This Program Agreement contemplates and enables participation under all OIDD Program offerings.

Further collaboration agreements may be triggered based on interesting results generated under the Program Agreement.

OIDD Program Agreement


The Program Agreement must be executed by the institution and accepted by Lilly before you can become a participant in the OIDD program. The Program Agreement includes confidentiality and intellectual property provisions for all our affiliated institutions and their Authorized Submitters.

Under the Program Agreement, the affiliated institutions and/or their Authorized Submitters retain intellectual property rights to their submissions and the results generated by Lilly.

OIDD Collaboration Agreements

Should Lilly invite you to participate in further collaboration based on your results, you retain the exclusive right to decide whether or not to participate in one of the options offered by Lilly. Learn more about OIDD Collaboration Agreements >