Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Getting Started

Participating in the OIDD Program allows you access to Lilly's scientific capabilities and connects you with Lilly scientific teams. There are two major steps to establishing a relationship and gaining access to the Lilly tools: institution affiliation and individual account creation.

Establish Your Affiliation


When your institution becomes affiliated with OIDD, you and other colleagues will have access to the OIDD tools and offerings. Your institution's authorized representative must first execute the universal Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program Agreement with Lilly, so that an appropriate affiliation code can be created and provided to the institution. Then, individual users may create accounts. Establish Your Affiliation >

Create an Authorized User Account

Once the institution is affiliated, individuals may create accounts to manage compound submissions. You may obtain your institution affiliation code by contacting your institution's sponsored research office or tech transfer office.

Once you've created an account, you have access to the offerings noted below and the ability to monitor your submissions and track communications with Lilly. For example, OIDD Screening allows you to follow acceptance of your structures, pick compound sets for evaluation in biological screens, and manage submission of physical samples. You also receive all generated results via your personal account.

Create an authorized user account >